"In Good Faith" podcast with Mary Fishman and the podcast nuns

Podcasting nuns Julie Vieira, IHM, and Maxine Kollasch, IHM, whose show is featured in Band of Sisters, chatted with Director Mary Fishman on October 24 as part of their series "In Good Faith." A link to the recording will be posted soon at: http://anunslife.org/podcasts/in-good-faith/  

Max and Julie are the founders of "A Nun's Life Ministry," whose mission is to help people "discover and grow in their vocation, that is, their life's calling, by engaging in questions about God, faith, and religious life." They began their ministry in 2006, "as a way to reach out to people who use the Internet in their search for meaning, direction, and possibilities in life."  For more on their ministry, pleasew visit: http://anunslife.org