Set Up a Screening FAQ

Q: What do I need to do to set up a screening?

A: Request a screening by sending us an email: tell us what town you are in, what kind of venue you are thinking about, who you will be inviting and how you will be publicizing, how many people you expect to attend, whether you will be charging admission and if you have any special timing in mind for the screening(s). If you have any questions, please include them. We'll then respond and we can work out the details together. Email:

Q: Is there a charge for a screening?

A: Yes, in most cases there is a fee for "public screenings" - screenings that take place outside of a private home. This includes screenings at churches, universities and colleges, high schools, libraries, conferences and meetings, etc.

Q: How much is the screening fee?

A: The screening fee depends on the size of the audience, the type of venue, whether there is an admission charge, and the ability of the sponsoring group, organization or institution to pay. Sometimes the fee is a fixed amount, agreed upon before the screening. In other cases, the fee will depend on the actual income generated from ticket sales or from audience free-will donations. The minimum fee is generally $150-200.

Q: Can the director come for the screening?

A: If her schedule permits, Mary Fishman will be happy to come. In addition to the screening fee, there would be an additional fee for Mary's appearance and travel expenses. She is also available to do audience Q&As via Skype, at a lower fee.

Q: How can the Band of Sisters team help us create a successful event?

A: We can provide you with a template to make a flyer, or give you the logo and other graphics so you can do it yourself. We can send you the official movie poster or email the poster PDF. We will promote your event on our website, on Facebook, in email blasts, and through any local connections. We can help find a speaker to do a Q&A with the audience. We can give you a press release, and Mary Fishman will be available for interviews with the press. We will help in any other way that we can.

Q: Is there a discussion guide to go along with the film?

A: A guide is in progress.

Q: Do we need any special equipment to screen the film?

A: We will lend you a standard DVD for your screening (or Blu-Ray, if you wish). You will need a DVD player or a laptop, a projector, a screen, and powerful speakers.

Q: How long is the film?

A: 88 minutes including credits.